Price for a custom emblem

Every custom emblem is custom made! Of course, that’s not exactly cheap!

So what are the costs? That depends on your wishes and ideas and, of course, on the complexity of the desired emblem. Do you want your emblem to be 3D printed in plastic? Do you want an emblem as a sticker with a chic chrome foil or in a brushed metal look? Do you have an exquisite wish and want an emblem made of polished nickel steel or even brass or silver?

In the following I give you a list of the expected costs:

  • 3D Modelling

    The construction and modeling of your desired object can take between 10 minutes and 3 hours depending on the complexity and level of detail.

    One designing hour costs € 95 including VAT.

  • Production - 3D print ABS plastic

    The next step is the production of your desired emblem. I use ABS plastic because it is heat-resistant up to a temperature of 100 ° C and can be processed well. ABS plastic is used in many cases as a plastic for car emblems anyway.

    One 3D printing hour costs 6 € including VAT and material costs.

  • Production - 3D print metal

    Depending on the size and material, the cost of a 3D printed metal emblem can range from € 50 – € 70 per emblem. There are also a variety of different materials here, such as polished nickel steel, brass, copper, silver, gold.

    Please make an individual request

  • Production - plotting of adhesive film

    Do you want an adhesive film with your logo or motif of your choice? In this case, you can access various combinable adhesive films that are cut to size on the plotter and then joined together if desired

    Cutting with the plotter, depending on the motif, with setup of the plotter costs from 6 € upwards. The price depends on the complexity of the motif and the number of different foils.


  • Extra desires

    Of course, your emblem can also be partially and completely individually designed and, for example, painted by hand before clear coat.

    Depending on the motif, you have to expect from € 95 per hour including VAT.

  • Veredelung

    After 3D printing, your emblem can still be refined. To do this, it goes through the following steps and costs:

    Smoothing 3D printing in the Acetton steam bath: 12 €
    Sanding – fine sanding for painting: between 20-50 € depending on the motif
    Varnish: € 24 per coat including VAT

    In the case of a black lacquered motif, black 2K pre-lacquer is first applied, then 2K clear lacquer must be applied again for sealing. In the case of chrome painting, the coat of paint with the chrome paint is added after the pre-coat

  • Custom Emblem

    jaguar VW T5 California

    • 3d modelling
    • 3d printing in ABS plastic
    • acetone vapor smoothing
    • 3 steps chrome varnish
  • null

    Devil skull Harley Davidson

    • 3d modelling
    • 3d printing in ABS plastic
    • acetone vapor smoothing
    • pre varnish
    • individual hand painting
    • clear Coat
  • Krone 3D Druck Auto Emblem

    Crown VW Cadiac

    • 3d modelling
    • 3d printing in ABS plastic
    • acetone vapor smoothing
    • 2 steps varnish
  • null

    HISTORIC metal print

    • 3d modelling
    • 3d printing polished nickel steel